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‘I came into it slightly sceptical but I was immediately won over by the relaxing atmosphere and your engaging personality. The basic science really helped me to understand the importance of breathing throughout.

The value of creating a safe space to ask open and honest questions and share fears was so valuable. I don’t know how anyone has a baby without doing a course like this. That doesn’t necessarily mean our birth experience will be Plan A but we feel very comfortable knowing that we are surrounded by brilliant NHS professionals and a good baseline knowledge for any stage and the stages before the baby comes.

Also separately the ridiculous number of NHS staff we’ve come across in hospitals who have spoken so highly of you and this course is a testament to the work you’re doing. Keep it up. You are smashing it!’

– Niall  {April 2023 Course}

“Motherhood Bubble was one of the best investments in my pregnancy. Nicole’s course is everything but fluffy. Nicole is approachable, compassionate & good fun, giving clear, accurate information, advice & reassurance from her own experiences as a Mother and a Midwife. She throw open the doors of the delivery from bringing all the myths, secrets and fears into the light for discussion. No shadow is left untouched” 

– Edwina {March 2022 Course}


“For any fathers to be, this course is a no brainer and I can’t thank Nicole enough for all her help. Without this course, I would have been lost in labour. Nicole goes through each stage of labour in great detail and prepares you for everything.

If those are the positives I took out of the course, you can only imagine how beneficial it was for my Wife!”

– William {February 2022 Course}

“Previously being pretty sceptical of Hypnobirthing, I wasn’t sure it was for me. But watching Nicole talk about it completely changed my mind and following the course together, changed my Husband’s too. She provides an extensive antenatal course covering all relevant topics and options in a non-biased way, using her personal and professional experience to encourage women to feel fully informed & empowered for birth. She has helped me be excited about the potential for a VBAC and yet feel completely at peace if that is not meant to be also. The Motherhood Bubble Course should be essential for all first time parents and is hugely beneficial to have had a previous traumatic experience, no matter what background you’re coming from. I couldn’t recommend Nicole highly enough.”

– Ashleigh {March 2022 course}

“It was a really lovely day! I honesty feel more excited bout the birth of my 3rd baby and it feels so nice to day that. We loved the balance of your expertise as a Midwife and also the gorgeous caring side you brought to the course as a Mama too I think that’s what makes Motherhood Bubble very special. that and the added delight of meeting all the lovely couples to share the experience with. Thanks Nicole”

– Claire {November 2022 course}